Users’ Committee

The Users’ Committee

Section 209 of the Act respecting health and social services requires every institution to establish a committee of users of its services. This obligation applies to all institutions including private institutions under contract such as ours.

The mandate of the Users’ Committee (UC):

The mandate of the UC consists of the following:

  • To inform the users who are residents of their rights and their obligations.
  • To promote the improvement of the quality of life conditions of the users and to evaluate their level of satisfaction for the services received from the establishment.
  • To defend the collective rights and interests of the users or, at the request of one of the users, their rights and their interests as a user of the establishment or any competent authority.
  • To accompany and assist, upon request, a user in any action he/she is undertaking, including when he/she wishes to file a complaint.
The functions of the UC:

The UC is the guardian of the users’ rights, and for this reason, this committee must:

  • Ensure that the users are treated in a way that respects their dignity and acknowledges their rights.
  • Be the spokesperson of the users with the concerned authorities of the establishment.
  • Pay special attention to the most vulnerable users’ groups.
  • Promote the improvement of the life conditions of the people who are residents.
To contact the Users’ Committee you may:
  • Leave your comments in the Suggestion Box at the Cedars Home
  • Send a written letter by mail to: The Users’ Committee of the Cedars Home, 1275 Boul. de la Côte Vertu, Suite 200, Saint-Laurent, Québec, H4L 4V2
  • Write an email to :
  • Call us : 1-800-928-8189