The Cedars Home for the Elderly

The Cedars Home for the Elderly

The Cedars Home for the Elderly offers long-term care to the elderly of the Christian Middle Eastern community who need assistance for most of their daily activities due to limited autonomy and various needs. Our clientele’s needs in care are increasingly heavy, with an increase in cognitive impairment, physical disabilities, multiple medical issues and communication disorders.

Our Services

medical services

nursing care

assistance and supervisory care


Physical Rehabilitation

Psychosocial Services


Volunteers And Pastoral Services

dietary services and nutritionist


administrative support

How to apply for accommodations at the Center?

When home care services no longer meet the needs of a person whose autonomy is significantly decreased, a request for residential placement can be made.
  • As a first step, you must contact your social worker from the CLSC in your area. An evaluation of your needs must be made by a professional from the home support service of the CLSC.
  • Next, a request is submitted to the admission service managed by the CIUSSS of your area.
  • You will then be directed towards the resource which best meets your needs according to your particular situation.
Accommodation fees

The monthly amount to be paid for accommodations is established by the government according to the type of room, revenues, assets and the family situation of the person. More information may be obtained through the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec or one’s CLSC.