Mission and Code of Ethics


The Cedars Home for the Elderly is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the elderly of the Christian Middle Eastern community with a high quality level of service and care, while respecting their traditions, in a warm, safe, clean, modern and friendly environment.

The Cedars Home offers:

  • Long term care facility : Long term care facility for seniors with heavy care needs.
  • Community Services – The Cedars Elderly Support and Wellness Center : Community services for the elderly living at home – The Cedars Elderly Support and Wellness Center offers Meals-on-Wheels, The Day Program, les Habitations Saint-Georges, support and guidance, Daily Hello – Marhaba Program

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics states your rights, obligations and responsibilities as users. It also specifies our obligations, our responsibilities and our expectations as a health and social-services establishment. Our organizational values of quality, respect, safety, compassion, spirituality, value and appreciation are reflected in the residents and the clientele whom we serve. They are the foundation of our Code of Ethics and they guide the behavior of our employees, volunteers, residents and visitors.

Our intervention philosophy is based on home environment principles, an interdisciplinary approach and the participation of families and relatives in activities and guidelines of the environment. Furthermore, when the situation arises, the care, for any resident of the Cedars Home at the end-of-life stage, is given with understanding, compassion and respect of dignity, will, needs and safety.

Your Rights

  • The right to information
  • The right to services
  • The right to choose a professional or an establishment
  • The right to receive the care required by one’s condition
  • The right to consent to or to refuse care
  • The right to participate in decision-making
  • The right to be accompanied, assisted and represented
  • The right to accommodation
  • The right to receive services in English
  • The right of access to his user file
  • The right to confidentiality of one’s user file
  • The right to lodge a complaint

Your Obligations and Responsibilities as Users and Relatives

  • Collaboration
  • Respect of staff and volunteers
  • Respect of the rules and regulations of the environment
  • Respect of others

Our Obligations and Responsibilities

  • Collaborative approach
  • Transparency
  • Humane approach
  • Respectful approach