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Board of Directors

The board of directors is made up of dedicated men and women from the Lebanese/Canadian community. Their combined expertise allows them to provide the Cedars Home for the Elderly with guidance and support.

  • Peter Abraham - Ex Officio
  • Kimberly Anne Abou-Assaleh – Vice President
  • Dr. Alan Brox
  • Richard Cook
  • Fadia El Khoury – Cedars Home Executive Director
  • Catherine Howick - Secretary
  • Kenneth Khoury - President
  • Robert Nessrallah
  • Richard Rossy
  • Mark Saykaly - Ex Officio
  • Bruce Shadeed
  • Dr. April Shamy
  • Andrew Shatilla - Past President
  • Michael Turk – Teasurer

Our Team

Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that our programs run smoothly. Their dedication and efforts are the driving force behind the Cedars homes.

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Our Team
Fadia El KhouryExecutive DirectorFadia El Khoury
Susan KouriCommunity Service CoordinatorSusan Kouri

Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Cedars Home was established in February 1961 with Mrs. Nellie Howick being named its founding President.

The main goal of the Auxiliary is to help enhance the quality of life of the residents so as to benefit their emotional and social well-being. This compassionate group of women feel honored not only to bring much joy and love to the residents but also to provide them with companionship and a link to the community.

The ladies enjoy attending recreational activities such as bingo, board and card games, birthday celebrations, musical entertainment and summer outings. They also host the popular annual Christmas and Easter parties. This group of women has always been a major source of support to the Cedars and regularly share coffee, tea and their delicious homemade baked goods with the residents.

Together, the Board of Directors and the Ladies Auxiliary continue to play an integral role in maintaining and preserving the dignity of and the respect for our precious and valued elderly. They always regard their mission as a true labour of love and approach it with proud and caring hearts and great dedication and commitment.

Ladies Aux
  • Nellie Howick
    Founding President
  • Beverley Courey
  • Lily Yared
    Original Member
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